Keep hydrated - stay productive

When the water content of your body is reduced, it upsets your internal balance of minerals (salts and sugar) and affects the way your body functions. Even a small loss in bodily fluids can cause a loss of energy in the average person.

What are the most common causes of dehydration at work?

Outdoor causes:

Physical work
Hot working conditions
Protective clothing
Cold weather

Indoor causes:
Air conditioning
The lack of adequate water intake
Working in hot conditions e.g. kitchen
Caffeinated beverages


Even a mild dehydration impacts productivity

Just 1% dehydration has been found to decrease employee productivity by 12%. The more dehydrated the employee becomes, the further his/her pphysical work capacity degrades, with 3-4% dehydration bringing about 25-50% decline in work performance. Hydration should be viewed as both an individual health need and a corporate productivity concern.

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