Our story

When I was only 12 years old, my personal hero and the ultimate business man, my dad, passed away. He had several different companies and was always searching for new opportunities. This explains my long lasting anxiety to start my own company - it is in my DNA. Though I had to live quite a many years, and face quite a many adventures before I ran into the fact, that I’m totally exhausted, dehydrated and swollen. All this happened while I was sitting in an airplane, coming back home from one of my many trips from exploring the world. It was right there I got the idea!

Before reaching the final idea, I had already established my own company Paloma Nordic Ltd which was still finding its way in these markets of hydration. We were struggling to find the right path with my wife, who was supporting my dreams of being an entrepreneur. As she put it, it would have been same than cutting of my wings, had she would not have supported these dreams, and it really felt like that. But getting back to the story, finally at the airplane I found the truth, this need humans have, and my fulfilment to meet people’s needs. Rehydration drink designed specifically for air travelers.

The name KEVEE comes from the Finnish word KEVEÄ which means lightweight and light feeling – opposite of heavy and ponderous. Opposite to the feeling I was having when sitting in the airplane dehydrated as they do not offer more than one glass of water every now and then, which is not enough when you are travelling in airplane where you can expect to lose 2 liters more fluids of your body due to low humidity. One sachet of KEVEE poured in 2dl of water equivalents to 6dl of water and absorbs better. So no need to run to toilet all the time, as I do not find the airplane toilet that cozy. 

Due to my inexhaustible need to serve peoples' needs through my own company and these trips to explore our wonderful, beautiful world, I came up with the idea of this rehydration drink which I wanted to, on top of the other things, to taste amazing. All this is reached with KEVEE. It tastes as amazing as life should!


Aki Pesonen
Aki-Aleksi Pesonen
Founder / Managing Partner