Paloma Nordic Ltd is a Finnish company, delivering quality products internationally. Our product range consists of KEVEE rehydration drinks


Since I was a young kid, my personal hero and the ultimate business man has been my dad. He had several different companies and was always searching for new opportunities. This explains my long lasting desire to start my own company - it is in my DNA.

Though I had to live quite a many years, and face quite a many adventures before I was ready. Few years ago I was totally exhausted, dehydrated and swollen. All this happened while I was sitting in an airplane, coming back home from other side of the world. It was right there I got the idea!

The name KEVEE comes from the Finnish word KEVEÄ which means lightweight and light feeling – opposite of heavy and ponderous. Opposite to the feeling I was having when sitting in the airplane where drinking enough water is not always as simple as it sound. Having KEVEE to rehydrate your body is just simple as it sound: One sachet of KEVEE poured in 2dl of water equivalents to 6dl of water due to its 3 x better ability to absorb water into body. And the additional bonus is the fact that more absorption means less need for toilet, as I do not find the airplane toilet that cozy.

Our company values include strong focus on sustainable development. KEVEE is an environmentally friendly product which is made out of recyclable cardboard.  The reduced need of water due to our product allow passengers to reduce the use of plastic bottles and airlines the plastic cups hence supporting diminishing of carbon footprint.

Due to my desire to help people feel better through my own company I came up with the idea of KEVEE Smart rehydration drink which I wanted to, on top of the other things, to taste amazing. All this is reached with KEVEE. It tastes as amazing as life should!


Producer and Marketer:
Paloma Nordic Ltd
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Aki-Aleksi Pesonen

Founder / Managing Partner

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