Our story

First there was a family on holiday, a serious case of dehydration and only one rehydration solution with a bad taste. Then we said: let there be a rehydration product that’s both effective and tasty, and only few months later we had the first product. The first iteration of the product was aimed at the people who suffer from e.g. excessive sweating, alcohol related dehydration, swelling and traveller's diarrhoea, but as it should be, the development and innovation didn’t stop there.  On the contrary, we continued working on our idea. We were pondering on the possibilities, and finally we identified another problem that wasn't very well addressed yet, in our opinion. Imagine going to the airport relaxed, feeling refreshed and optimistic, and arriving to your destination without a headache, feeling great and energized. Sounds impossible? We thought so too.

As we all know, there are certain unpleasant aspects that are usually connected to travelling - the busy schedules, long queues, and always running from one place to another and not having enough time to stay up to date with hydration and proper nourishment. These are already known to cause several symptoms such as, but not limited to, tiredness, head aches and swelling. And what’s worst, we are often supposed to be ready for a demanding business meeting or some other important appointment directly after a tiresome flight, and it can be tricky. Therefore, a quick and handy solution is a requirement.

Introducing - KEVEE!