Onboard dehydration

The interest for a rehydration drink is high among both leisure and business travellers. Additionally, the interest grows in correlation to the flight duration  -the longer the flight, the higher the interest. 58% of people aged 18 or older would definitely or mose likely buy a rehydration drink on a flight.
(survey by TNS, 555 responders, data collected in Nov 2017)

Why take KEVEE to your inflight  selection?

Small and lightweight package, truly a customer oriented product. KEVEE can be sold as a ready made drink or alongside with a water bottle. KEVEE is easily implemented to be a part of the exclusive service as a part of an amenity kit.

By providing your flight staff KEVEE rehydration drink as an employee benefit, you pay attention to the staff’s daily wellbeing. Even a mild dehydration (2%) can reduce performance by 20% due to loss of energy and focus.




Truly a customer oriented product

KEVEE service as a complimentary pre-flight drink that helps your customers refresh and revive. Complimentary caffeine and alcohol beverages enjoyed in the lounge have a diuretic effect that can hasten the on-set dehydration during the flight.

59% of travellers have noticed symptoms of onboard dehydration

All too often, travelling by plane can leave you feeling exhausted and dried out by the time you arrive at your destination. That is a result of onboard dehydration. Typical symptoms: swelling, headache, dry skin, dry eyes, dizziness etc.



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