Q: Why does KEVEE include glucose?

A: Glucose might support the absorption of water and sodium into the body and it increases the blood sugar levels. 

Q: Why does KEVEE include vitamins B and C?

A: As alcohol is a diuretic substance, the body loses a significant amount of vitamins and minerals due to the increased need to urinate. Some of the most important of those are the vitamins B and C, as they are water soluble and thus are not stored in the body.

Q: Coffee is another well known diuretic beverage. Is KEVEE recommended for coffee drinkers as well?

A: That's true. By drinking large amounts of coffee you will put your body in a state of dehydration, with symptoms including headache and lethargy. By drinking KEVEE you can keep your body well hydrated. 

Q: Can KEVEE also be used to prevent dehydration caused by hot climate, e.g. on a holiday?

A: Although designed primarily for air travel purposes,  KEVEE is well suited for other rehydrations purposes, such as this as well, just remember to follow the daily intake limits. Hot climates, especially when combined with alcohol consumption are known to cause dehydration easily.

Q: If I'm dehydrated, couldn't I just drink water to prevent it?

A: Drinking water is always a good idea, but it isn't absorbed very well by itself and it doesn't replenish the body with the necessary electrolytes and minerals. An effective rehydration requires a proper water-to-electrolytes -ratio.