As I'm writing this post, I'm basically stuck in a café in Rimini, Italy. How did I end up here? 
As I'm currently located in landlocked Parma to visit my university for some paperwork, I wanted to make a daytrip to the seaside so I took a frecciabianca train to Rimini to spend a day there. 
When I arrived, the weather was sweet and partly cloudy. I enjoyed a dish of tortellinis with fresh shrimps and white fish at Ristorante Il pesce innamorato which was superb. After finishing the food and gulping down my beer I headed up to the beach to shoot some photos and to take a walk on the shore. To my surprise the water wasn't too cold yet, although there were no swimmers present anymore - only some wind surfers.
hydraforce rimini beach
As I was walking there, picking up some seashells I noticed the wind getting stronger so I increased the pace towards a café I noticed to be about 1 km away. As I got closer to the cafe the wind was getting furious so I was really happy after I finally reached the cafe after getting sand in my ears, eyes and everywhere. The wind was so strong that it made an eerie, constant whistling sound as it passed through the structure.
I happily ordered my regular set, a caffé macchiato and a bottle of water, washed my face from all the sand and finally reached my table where I searched through my backpack in hopes to find a satchet of Hydraforce. I was really happy to find one after being dehydrated during my small adventure by the shores of the Adriatic, and happily waited a while for the storm to pass. I think I have to face the storm after all, since the train back home ain't waiting.
If you're heading to the beach, be sure to get your HydraForce in time!