New HydraForce Work Performance Drink -solution for businesses

Some good news from our R&D department for today, as we have decided to launch a new product - HydraForce Work Performance Drink (WPD). HydraForce WPD is designed for workplaces to increase the wellbeing at workplaces, and thus to increase the productivity of the employees.
The WPD box includes 100 sachets of HydraForce, and has the same refreshing taste as the original HydraForce drink. This box could be placed  e.g. in the coffee break rooms, cafeterias or water coolants at offices and workplaces to be enjoyed by the employees.
More over, the sachets will include an individual EAN barcodes, so they can be sold at bars, cafeterias etc separately as well, so the product is also aimed for businesses who want to sell the product, such as cafes, bars, pizzerias, gyms and workplace cafeterias.
HydraForce WPD helps you to figth against dehydration and gives you a nice boost to get the most out of your day!
You can pre-order the product at our web store! The product is scheduled to ship in Q1/2018.