HydraForce @ Slush 2017

It is the time of a year again for the annual start-up fair Slush in Helsinki. It is the place where the latest ideas meet the people with the resources and hopefully launch some of the attendants into new heights. Although, most of the companies are in the field of tech, we thought that it would be beneficial, or, at least interesting to pay a visit. So we did.
First impressions of the completely sold out opening event were fantastic. The atmosphere was excited, although quite reserved. The decorations and the lighting were phenomenal, and the area itself looked like something out of a scifi movie. The purple lasers and hazy, smoky air made it look like something like a laser tag arena, which in my mind was a positive thing since I used to frequent those as a highschool kid.
On a downside it was very difficult to move around and find seats at the presentations though since the whole place was packed. But I have to say, that considering the amount of attendants, the logistics in the area seemed to work pretty well. Only downside were the exaggerated queues to the food spots, which were often tens of meters long. 
The presentations at the event were plentiful, and the topics were mostly interesting, but I have to say that the tight schedules made them feel a bit rushed, since one speaker had usually only about 10-15 minutes of time. I personally would've enjoyed longerg format and in-depth speeches, since some of the topics were quite complex and the short format didn't suit them well in my opinion. In any case, kudos to the organizers for getting all these speakers on site!
Time will tell what comes out of the meetings we had at the event, but regardless of that we will continue to provide quality rehydration products while at the same time we improving the existing product even further, as we have done so far. And, we did an effort to provide rehydration to the companies at the event which was received with a smile. And that is a good place to get back to the daily grind.