Dehydration is a thing

Since we are heading towards the winter season on the northern hemisphere, and the end of the year party season (pikkujoulukausi in Finnish) it's a great opportunity to inform and remind ourselves about the typical culprits of this period.

As we all know, it's quite typical to be busy, to enjoy heavy dinners and plenty of alcoholic beverages during this season, which, when combined with the lack of sunlight and SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, and the often hectic end-of-the-year period can cause a high stress both on our minds and our bodies. Some of the symptoms of this include lethargy, overall exhaustion, anxiety, and insomnia, as our bodies are under constant stress. 

The lack of sunlight might cause vitamin D deficits which might lead to SAD, and the increased busyness at work can already have consequential effects, but what we don't often think about is the chronic state of dehydration that our bodies go through because we often neglect the proper hydration. For example, at office we drink large amounts of coffee and at parties we drink plenty of alcoholic beverages and often we do not drink enough water to replenish fluid-levels in our body. And no, beer doesn't qualify for that.

This is where HydraForce enters the picture. As a powerful rehydrating agent, it balances the fluids in our system, and replenishes the electrolyte and vitamin levels in our body and thus freshens us up in seconds after drinking it. Drinking one glass of HydraForce equals to three glasses of water, so it is much easier to keep up with the adequate hydration, plus it gives you natural energy without a need for caffeine, taurine or other synthetic stimulants.

Because we care and we want to make sure you will survive the end of the year joyously, we are offering a pack of HydraForce for a significant discount on our website! And don't forget to ask for HydraForce also at your local shop or pharmacy.

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