The dreaded "Afternoon slump"

Most of us are familiar with the dreaded "Afternoon slump" at work, which is the moment when we feel like taking a nap, and pushing through the last hours of work feels like a drag.  It usually hits after eating lunch, approximately around 2pm and makes us feel lethargic for the rest of the afternoon, or even the whole day. It mostly affects people, though not limited to them, who are living more sedentary lifestyle, ie. work at offices, who drink a lot of coffee and forget to hydrate themselves properly. Also, the limited amount of sunlight during the late autumn and winter time can play a role in this.

Some of the symptons also include:
  • Frequent yawning and/or feeling sleepy
  • Extreme fatigue or lethargy
  • Tingling or feeling of muscle weakness
  • Moodiness (becoming irritable or short-tempered or depressed)
  • Falling asleep at your desk
  • A headache or stomach ache

According to studies, there are three main causes for the afternoon slump:

1. Carb-heavy lunch

2. Sitting down too much

3. Dehydration

The first two are easily remedied by e.g. changing your dietary habits and taking regular breaks from all the sitting down and perhaps by doing a small work-our or a stretching out session. The third cause is less obvious, and is rather difficult to remedy by just drinkin water since water by itself is not absorbed so efficiently by our body. We often drink more tea and caffeine than water at the office, and even if we remember to drink also water, we often don't drink enough of it because we usually drink water only when we feel thirsty, and then it's already too late. According to studies, we should drink between 9 and 13 glasses of water per day to remain properly hydrated.

The good news here is that HydraForce is designed to help you to absorb the necessary water more quickly and to replenish also the B and C vitamin levels to give you an instant boost, even if you are already dehydrated. The right mixture of glucose and sodium helps our body to absorb the water more efficiently and quickly. You don't have to drink as much either, since one glass of HydraForce equals three glasses of pure water due to the optimal absorption.

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