Feel as light as air.

Smart rehydration drink for air travellers

Long flight ahead? Scientifically proven formula to prevent and treat dehydration. No longer swelling, tiredness or dizziness. Be at your very best at your destination!

Superb absorption!

KEVEE - Feel as light as air



There are many wellknown causes of dehydration, such as hot climates and illnesses, and although those are all great causes of dehydration, there are others which might not be as obvious. One of such is the cabin of an airplane. Perhaps surprisingly, the relative humidity of the cabin is as low as 10-20%, which is lower than that of the dryest desert on Earth.


Some of the main symptoms of dehydration include head aches, dizziness, moodiness, swelling and over all lethargy - all of which are something that we could very well do without when we're travelling. That is a reason why the need for a proper rehydration during flights is important for the wellbeing.


KEVEE is a rehydration solution designed specifically for this purpose. It includes the essential minerals, electrolytes and vitamins to keep your body functioning optimally during and after the flights. The idea is not to introduce extraneous stimulants such as caffeine or taurine to give a boost, but instead to harness the potentiality of the body by providing the necessary trace minerals for it to function properly. One glass of KEVEE equals to three glasses of pure water due to the optimized formula which provides a superb absorption.

"Without KEVEE I wouldn't have survived my trip"


"I really used to dislike travelling by air due to the negative effects it has on my system, but since I found KEVEE, I wouldn't board a plane without having it with me. Changed my travelling experience radically!"